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We purchased a super pretty in pink Hydrangea in a small plant shop in a backstreet of a seaside town. It is a Macrophylla (Mophead or French) type.  Originally from Japan, this is one of the most widely grown deciduous shrubs.

pink flowered Mophead shrub in garden

As well as the gorgeous flowers, there were several non flowing stems that were just perfect for cuttings.  Hydrangea cuttings root really easy so making more plants is a doddle!

hydrangea stem

There are only a few pieces of equipment needed.  We used e-pots biodegradable paper pots, COIR COMPOST, dibber, wood labels and the cute twig pencil.

Equipment to take hydrangea cuttings

Select a non flowering shoot and cut above a leaf about six inches down from the top.  You can use either a knife or secateurs.

Use a knife to cut above a leaf node Use secateurs to cut above a hydrangea leaf node

These cuttings are ready for trimming down a little.

hydrangea cuttings straight from the plant

Using a knife, remove all of the leaves except for the very top ones.  If these are quite large, you can cut them in half to reduce moisture loss.  Also trim the bottom to just below leaf node.

Trimming hydrangea cuttings

Use a dibber to make a hole in the compost. Then insert your cutting all the way up to the next leaf and firm in a little.

Use a dibber to make a hole in coir compost Insert hydrangea cutting into biodegradable pot of coir compost

Voila! Your cuttings are done.  So quick and easy.  There a many who say that the cuttings should now be put in a propagator or to put a plastic (aggghhh!) bag over the top.  We have found that this is not necessary at all and as long as you keep the cuttings oh so slightly moist, there is no need to cover them at all.  Just keep them on the kitchen windowsill so you can keep an eye on them.

hydrangea cuttings potted up with parent plant

A few weeks later and sadly one of the cuttings have died but the others are thriving! But two out of three ain’t bad!

hydrangea cuttings on windowsill