10 litre coco coir | in easy and convenient compressed soil discs


e-pots 10 litre coco coir in plastic free packaging | 100% natural organic coconut fibre growing media | easy and convenient to use compressed soil discs

Coco coir compost made from 100% natural organic coconut fibre | The perfect growing media | easy to use compressed soil discs

Our coconut coir discs are the ultimate in convenience for the gardener. The correct amount of potting soil can be made as required. No need to cut up a larger coir brick offered by other companies.   Each coco soil disk has a volume of 850ml of peat free compost.  This is enough to fill up to 3 x 8cm (3”) pots or 10 homemade paper pots made using the e-pots Classic Paper Pot Maker. The coconut potting soil is super lightweight at only 900g for the whole 10L.  That’s less than a big bag of sugar!  So no more backbreaking trips to buy large bags of traditional moss peat compost. Plus it is delivered direct to your door and its plastic free!

Why Our Product?

🌱 YOUR ECO-FRIENDLY WAY TO A PERFECT GARDEN – Creating an indoor or outdoor garden is easy & eco-friendly with e-pots compressed coir discs. Enjoy our 10cm round coconut bricks for healthy, happy & strong plants. Plus like all e-pots products they are presented in compostable plastic free packaging! Coco peat contains organic compounds, is light and airy in texture and has a natural disease resistance. Perfect for strong root growth.

⭐️ SO EASY AND CONVENIENT – No more trying to cut up a large hard coco coir brick for a small amount of coir soil! Each10cm round disc contains approx 850ml of growing medium. That’s enough to fill up to 3 x 8cm (3”) pots. Just place a coco disk in a container, add warm water and leave it until absorbed and the coir breaks up easily.  You are then ready to fill your trays, pots and containers.

🌎 BUILT FOR A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE – No more harming the environment by digging up our vital peat bogs. Made from coconut husks, our environmental friendly coir fibre is a waste by-product from the food industry for a sustainable lifestyle. Perfect for Seedlings, Cuttings, Plug Plants and more.

🌼 LOVELY GARDENERS HELP – There is no risk of hurting your back lugging heavy compost bags around with our product.  A full 10L of coir compost weighs only 850gs direct delivered to your door.  The compact packaging dimensions means it takes up little room in the shed or cupboard.  It is clean and non smelling so can easily be used indoors. It would also make a lovely gift for any keen plant lover or garden hobbyist.

✅ OUR COMMITMENT – We strongly believe in the quality of our compressed coir discs. Backed by our hassle-free money back guarantee. Get your coco discs now RISK-FREE.



Our coco fibre discs are made from waste coconut husk fibers that are a by product of the coconut plant food industry.

There is no damage to the environment unlike with peat moss compost.

Coco substrate has a high water holding capacity, a neutral pH, high Cation Exchange Capacity, and is free from pests, diseases and weed seeds.  The coco fibre is odorless, pleasant to handle and uniform in composition.


The coir compost is ideal for use in gardening indoor and out.

🥥 Just soak as many of the coco peat discs as required
Each disc needs approximately 300ml of water to make 750ml of compost and takes about 20 minutes.

🥥 Fluff up
Break up the coir with your hands until it is light and even in texture.

🥥 Ready to Use
Fill seed trays and pots ready for seed sowing, striking cuttings and growing on plug plants.

Perfect to get your plants growing healthy and strong before transplanting them into decorative containers or the ground. Also makes excellent planting soil for house plants, terrariums and hydroponics. In addition, coco coir makes a great top soil improver and bedding material for worms, snails and reptiles.


Our products are tested and photographed in the UK suburban Blue Bench Garden.
This means you can be sure of excellent results!




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