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biodegradable vs compostable

The Difference Between Biodegradable vs Compostable

Biodegradable vs Compostable All compostable items are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable products are compostable!   Do you know the difference between biodegradable vs compostable when it comes to the things we use in and around the garden? We keep hearing the terms biodegradable and compostable when talking about doing our bit by recycling and […]


Project Hydrangea Cuttings

We purchased a super pretty in pink Hydrangea in a small plant shop in a backstreet of a seaside town. It is a Macrophylla (Mophead or French) type.  Originally from Japan, this is one of the most widely grown deciduous shrubs. As well as the gorgeous flowers, there were several non flowing stems that were […]


Project Heuchera

  AIM – To rescue Heuchera Plum Pudding from the dreaded vine weevil   This heuchera (aka Coral Bells) was looking very sorry for itself so considering they are very tough plants, it means only one thing … vine weevil! We just pulled the plant up as its roots had been eaten, then split the […]


Project Recycle Plastic Packaging

AIM – To find a use in the garden for plastic packaging When you order products online, they often come with plastic packaging to stop them moving around.  Whilst this is good protection for the item, it creates a lot of waste plastic so we decided to see if we could reuse some in the […]


Project Plug Plants

AIM – To grow on plug plants purchased at a garden centre into full size plants to create a stunning hanging basket. During spring, the garden centres are full of plug plants to buy.  They come in a wide range of choices from individual plants you can choose and also ready grouped collections.     […]


Project Primula

We love primulas of all kinds and grow many colours and varieties. There are wonderfully diverse plants and many flower for up to 10 months of the year with only a short time in summer resting and even then the evergreen leaves remain. One of our favourites is the polyanthas types as their flowers are […]