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As our planet suffers the implications of climate change, it is time we all play our part in its rehabilitation. Trees are brilliant at drawing carbon from the atmosphere; if all 30 million UK gardeners planted one medium-sized tree and nurtured it to maturity, there would be a phenomenal increase in the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere. 


Ask yourself, what is a garden without plants? Whether big or small, from wildflowers to potted plants, our gardens are becoming increasingly valuable habitats for nature. By growing a wide variety of flowering plants in our eco-friendly planters, you will offer food and shelter for all kinds of wildlife.


Go Peat-Free 


Peatlands are the world’s largest carbon store on land. They provide valuable ecosystems for plants and animals and act like sponges, reducing the risk of flooding.  When we take peat for our gardens, carbon is released, and habitats are duly damaged. Keeping peat in bogs – not in bags – is a crucial part of the fight against climate change. Our planet’s billions of acres of peat hold more carbon than all the world’s forests combined. So get your soil into good shape, go peat-free and start your compost heap and mulching.


At e-pots, we sell a range of Coco Coir Peat Free Compost in easy to use compressed soil pellets made from 100% natural coconut fibre growing medium and come in 100% plastic-free packaging.


Plants for Pollinators 


Loss of habitat is one of the main reasons we all see fewer bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects visiting our gardens. By growing a wide variety of plants and wildflowers, we can support these pollinating insects and help them return to what they do best – being busy; there is nothing more pleasing as a gardener than to see and hear these creatures busily collecting nectar and pollen in their unique ways. Eco-friendly gardening has many benefits for both people and the planet, and you can make a difference in even the smallest of gardens to attract bees.


E-pots handcrafted Insect Hotel is a unique way to keep both your plants and your garden birds happy. By providing a bug hotel home for your bugs and insects, you will enable these beneficial creatures to pollinate your pretty plants year after year, season after season.


Eat More Home-Grown Produce


Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs grown in your garden – or the satisfaction and enjoyment you can get from doing it. By increasing more home-grown produce, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables from your garden or allotment can save significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. 


At e-pots, our environmentally friendly Make-Sow-Grow Paper Pot Maker gift set is the ideal solution. Our gift set contains the e-pots Classic Paper Pot Maker (recycle waste paper into biodegradable paper plant pots) plus all the extra goodies needed to get you growing. It even includes the potting compost and seeds so that you can sow and grow any day of the year!


E-pots are committed to reducing the environmental impact our products have, regardless of where in the world they are sourced. We have teamed up with climate crisis activist Egologi to plant a tree for each purchase made through our website. This allows our customers to make a real ecological difference every time they purchase our products directly from us, and, additionally, your purchases help offset your carbon footprint!


We are the first generation in history to realise that we are damaging our planet’s fragile environment. This means we have to take responsibility for our actions, and we have to do it now! E-pots gardening products are plastic-free – even the packaging!