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AIM – To find a use in the garden for plastic packaging

When you order products online, they often come with plastic packaging to stop them moving around.  Whilst this is good protection for the item, it creates a lot of waste plastic so we decided to see if we could reuse some in the garden.  This strange looking puffed up packaging just screamed plant me please so we decided to oblige with sowing some salad seeds!

Upcycle plastic packaging


We use the e-pots coco coir discs as the growing substrate.  They are lightweight and so easy to use.  Just add water and let them soak it up.  Use a small fork (or your hands) to fluff up the coir and make it ready for sowing.



The salad seeds chosen were simply what we already had.  Two types of salad mix and also some bright coloured radishes.

Using a finger, shallow furrows were made and each salad seed type was lightly sprinkled in rows.  This just makes it easy to see what you have sown.  When all the seeds have been sown, just lightly cover the seeds in the furrows with the soil in the peaks.


Finally labels were put in place so we could remember which seeds were what.  Seedlings look quite similar to each other and it is so easy to forget what is what.



All done and ready to grow!


Sprouted salad seeds