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It’s Not Just Plastic Plant Pots…

It’s Not Just Plastic Plant Pots… The amount of plastic used in the garden is ridiculous! We are all aware that plastic plant pots are widely used in gardens, however, plastic usage in gardening should be a major concern for gardeners of all ages and abilities.  Its use contributes to landfill and environmental pollution in […]

Taking Plant Cuttings

How To Take Plant Cuttings From Annual Plants

Plant Cuttings from Annual Plants? – Yes, even you can do it! Taking plant cuttings from annual plants is a great way to propagate new plants and add additional variety and abundance to your garden and outdoor spaces. Taking plant cuttings is easy and can save you a great deal of money on buying new […]


How to Split Primulas

How to split primulas   Primula are lovely plants! We grow primulas of all kinds in many colours and varieties. There are wonderfully diverse plants and many flower for up to 10 months of the year with only a short time in summer resting and even then the evergreen leaves remain. One of our favourites […]

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Gardening tips for Eco-friendly Planters

As our planet suffers the implications of climate change, it is time we all play our part in its rehabilitation. Trees are brilliant at drawing carbon from the atmosphere; if all 30 million UK gardeners planted one medium-sized tree and nurtured it to maturity, there would be a phenomenal increase in the amount of carbon […]

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Eco-gardening gifts are perfect for Christmas!

Eco-Gardening Christmas Gift Ideas It’s time for thoughtful gifts, candy canes, holly, twinkling lights and the wonderful smell of pine, spruce and fir to fill the air. They all stoke the general good cheer, characteristic of the winter holidays. But living sustainably also makes us aware of the excess and waste created at Christmas. We […]

biodegradable vs compostable

The Difference Between Biodegradable vs Compostable

Biodegradable vs Compostable All compostable items are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable products are compostable!   Do you know the difference between biodegradable vs compostable when it comes to the things we use in and around the garden? We keep hearing the terms biodegradable and compostable when talking about doing our bit by recycling and […]

coconut tree

What is Coco Coir?

What is Coco Coir? Coconut coir, also known as coco coir or coco peat, is popular with a wide range of consumers: Urban gardeners, container gardeners, hydroponic growers, commercial nurseries, and even homeowners with houseplants who are trying their hand at indoor gardening. Coco coir is a versatile, natural, organic and sustainable material that is […]


Project Hydrangea Cuttings

Taking cuttings from a Hydrangea to produce new plants We purchased a super pretty in pink Hydrangea in a small plant shop in a backstreet of a seaside town. It is a Macrophylla (Mophead or French) type.  Originally from Japan, this is one of the most widely grown deciduous shrubs. As well as the gorgeous […]


Project Heuchera

  AIM – To rescue Heuchera Plum Pudding from the dreaded vine weevil   This heuchera (aka Coral Bells) was looking very sorry for itself so considering they are very tough plants, it means only one thing … vine weevil! We just pulled the plant up as its roots had been eaten, then split the […]

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