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Any advocate of gardening, be they a budding gardener, seasoned grower or indoor plant parent will understand the significance and importance of being eco-friendly. Whilst feeling at one with nature can be achieved within our 27 Million UK gardens, it becomes essential to understand the environmental impact of the gardening products we use, as many garden tools, plant pots, and other gardening accessories are mass manufactured often using plastic components and packaging. 

When shopping for the latest additions to your garden, consider the power of eco-friendly plant pots.  We often purchase plant pots without thinking about it as we just want the plant that’s in them. However, this means we end up consuming plastic or accepting products with excessive packaging, therefore condoning the use of heavy plastic packaging –  all of which will end up in landfills and compromise your efforts in doing your bit for the environment. 

It’s time to rethink our purchasing habits!

Reducing the use of plastic waste is something that’s on many people’s minds as climate change has become more prevalent. Planting flowers in your garden at home shouldn’t jeopardise the environment; thankfully, biodegradable and home compostable plant pots are coming to the rescue.  e-Pots are on hand to detail all there is to know about the fantastic biodegradable plant pots available from our range as an alternative to plastic. 

The types of eco-friendly planter pots that exist:

There are a variety of pots that exist, and each one has its unique benefits to the environment and plants.  e-Pots are proud to stock an extensive range of plant pots and eco-friendly accessories alike – be sure to take a look today! 

Biodegradable Plant Pots

The Benefits of Biodegradable Plant Pots

Eco-friendly pots are far more sustainable.

As stated earlier, the plastic plant pots that we buy with our plants will often be sent to the landfill as many of them cannot or will not be recycled, as 9 out of 10 local authorities do not have the necessary industrial facilities. 

 Biodegradable plant pots will break down over time and can even provide nutrients to the ground. This means less is going to landfills which will help save Mother Earth.

Eco-friendly pots are better for plants.

 Biodegradable or home compostable plant pots have the potential to promote healthy root growth for plants. When planting seeds, seedlings and small plants into the ground, the gardener risks damaging the plants’ roots when removing them from the plastic pot into the environment. This whole step can be skipped over when using biodegradable ones.

There is no need for washing.

When it comes to plastic pots, they often need to be rewashed and sterilized before being used again. This is not the case for eco-friendly pots as they break down in the garden soil over time, leaving less work for you, and you save on water.

They are more cost-effective.

Biodegradable plant pots can be cheaper in the long run, especially if you opt into making some yourself with waste paper that you recycled. Also, plastic pots for seed starters tend to get destroyed after one to two uses.

 e-Pots are proud to offer an extensive range of eco-friendly, biodegradable and home compostable plant pots. To immerse your garden in optimally green growing plants and tools, visit our store today!