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Coir Plant Pots x 10 – 14cm / 1 Litre Volume


14cm / 1L Plant pots made from coir. Eco-friendly, longer lasting, compostable and reusable. The way forward to a greener earth for all!

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NEW! – Coir Plant Pots – 14cm / 1L

Pack of 10

Plant pots made from coir fibre blended with natural rubber.

Compostable and reusable in plastic free packaging.

Suitable for all aspects of potting and gardening.

Will compost into the ground in 3-12 months.

Long shelf life.

Pots measure 14cm diameter (internal) by 10cm high.


Available in a range of sizes – 10cm (0.5L), 12cm (0.8L), 14cm (1L)

plant pots made from coir 9cm

These coir plant pots will be a wonderful addition to your garden!

Not only are they perfect for propagation, they are also actually decorative enough to use for a display.

Our sustainable plant pots are totally natural with no nasty chemicals and absolutely no plastic.

They are made from coconut fibres that are a waste product from the food industry.  Then bonded into shape using natural rubber.

Coco coir pots have an high permeability to water and air meaning that roots grow evenly.  When plant roots reach the edge of the pot they are air pruned which stimulates even more roots to grow.

These pots will compost down to become part of the earth and unlike paper type pots, they take 3-12 months to do so.

This makes them perfect for potting on larger plants to grow them on.  Even over winter so ideal for perennials that need a longer growing time before planting out.

If you wish you can also peel them off the plants before planting out so they can be reused or just plant them in the ground.  The choice is yours.

All e-pots products are tested and photographed in the UK suburban Blue Bench Garden.
This means you can be sure of excellent results!

e-pots product range Spring 2021

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