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Bee House – Hexagon Shaped | For Buzzing Garden Friends


Charming bee house in a hexagon shape with bamboo will make a great addition to any garden. Made with FSC wood.

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This charming bee house will make a great addition to any garden.

Bee hotels are a great way to introduce children to the fascinating world of tiny, buzzing beasts and insects.  Help your garden allow these important pollinators to thrive.

Forest Stewardship Council-approved and sourced from well-managed forests certified by the FSC, making it an eco-friendly choice for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

H17.5cm x W15.5cm x D7.5cm

We are beyond excited about the concept of a bee hotel! These amazing structures provide shelter and nesting spaces for solitary bees, which are an essential part of our ecosystem as pollinators. With habitats dwindling and bee populations on the decline, creating bee hotels is such a creative and impactfull way to support these important little creatures. We love the idea of setting up a cozy retreat for solitary bees in our own garden.  A bright cheery yellow colour to guide in the guests the their new bee house, complete with different sized tubes and nooks to accommodate their diverse needs. The thought of watching these busy little insects buzzing around their hotel, pollinating flowers and helping our gardens thrive, fills us with joy and anticipation. Bee hotels are not just a trendy eco-friendly project; they’re a vital tool in the fight to save our precious pollinators. Let’s roll out the welcome mat for some new buzzy guests!

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