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Wholesale of e-pots Products

wholesale gardening e-pots products on retail shelf


No matter if you are a large business or a small shop looking for gardening supplies and greenhouse supplies, e-pots are proud to offer you Wholesale Gardening products at an affordable price.

At e-pots, whatever you see on our website, is available for wholesale. From the classic paper pot maker to biodegradable pots we have small minimal order amounts.  You can also bulk buy large boxes of loose items depending on what you are looking for and your budget. If your order is small and you want access to our entire content including decorative pots, bug houses and all accessories then it is ideal for shopping with us directly.

Purchasing wholesale products

You can also purchase our goods through our two partner brands that offer our wholesale products in a limited range.  Please contact us to be sent sign up links giving access to some great perks below.

Whether you wish to pay now or in the future, it is possible with e-pots. The 60-day payment terms offered by our partners allow anyone to purchase our products and spend 60 days later. You won’t need to worry about paying straight away if you are new to our wholesale goods or simply don’t have the money to hand over.

New retailers and new customers can enjoy £200 off and free shipping for a whole year when you shop with us through our partners. This applies to individual boutique businesses or large companies. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, and what’s better than a huge discount and free shipping for a full 365 days.

 If you find that certain items do not work for your business and you have difficulty selling them, you won’t have wasted money as we offer returns on all unsold items (buyer is liable for postage). So long as things are in their original condition, we can take them back off you and sell them to other people looking for wholesale gardening goods.

Eco-friendly and plastic-free gardening products

We sell a range of gardening goods wholesale from wooden tools to bulk boxes of plant pots, compost discs, and plant starter pellets. These are useful for building your store or garden centre. Or, if you want to sell the goods to customers, you can achieve that too.

What you do with the wholesale gardening goods after you purchase them is totally up to you. Just ensure to keep them in their original condition if you wish to return them for your money back. If purchasing through one of our partners, you can also enjoy them for up to 60 days before paying, so you don’t need to worry about paying upfront if you are waiting for money to come in. So long as you pay within the timeframe, you can use the products and enjoy an interest-free buy now pay later scheme.

 Using a wholesale gardening service, you can achieve great products for a margin of the price. It is ideal for bulking buy if you want to save the most money. However, individual products are a great buy if you wish to try the product before committing to a large order.

 To find out more about our Wholesale Gardening range, get in touch with the team! They will be happy to share any further information that you require.