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Wooden Seed Trays – Set of 5 – LOW STOCK!


Set of 5 traditional wooden seed trays. Made by hand from off cuts of wood. Rustic, attractive and long lasting. 37x22x5.5cm

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Wooden Seed Trays – Set of 5

Traditional wooden seed trays made by hand from recycled FSC wood that would otherwise be considered waste material.


These wooden seed trays are made from Pine sourced in the UK from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

  • For seasoned growers and budding gardeners,
  • These beautiful handmade wooden seed trays will last for many years and will continue to look natural and lovely throughout their lifetime.
  • The perfect eco-friendly choice for gardeners worried about the overuse of plastic and the impact on the environment – Far superior to mass produced plastic seed trays,
  • The seed trays have weight and substance and will last for years, so they will not fall apart when you try to pick them up once full of soil.
  • Rough Sawn-timber wooden tray – 100% natural and naturally elegant
  • They have a rustic finish so there is a small chance of splinters, however we feel that this enhances the overall traditional look.
  • Suitable for seed sowing, pricked out seedlings and growing on small plug plants.

Dimensions:  Each tray measures 37cm x 22cm x 5.5cm (external)

Traditional, hand-made wooden tray has many purposes: can be used for newly planted seeds; general storage or general decoration.

Constructed by hand from FSC approved timber offcuts that would otherwise be wasted, this product is solidly constructed with galvanised fixings throughout, so they can be used repeatedly for many seasons.

The wooden trays can be coated with natural linseed oil to prolong the lifespan if required.

A traditional robust wooden seed tray for all your growing, potting and storage needs.

Seedlings enjoy growing in a seed tray environment as the roots have freedom to grow.

Wooden seed trays give you many years of service, are handmade, traditional and kinder to the environment than the cheap mass produced plastic alternatives.

These sturdy wooden seed trays offer robust protection to young plants and feature a slatted base for easy drainage.

Ideal for direct seed sowing, striking plant cuttings, plug planting and as a storage tray for small pots, indoors or out.

Use them for growing salad leaves or bedding plants on the patio, or line with newspaper to create a mini garden on a sunny windowsill.

Also makes a handy caddy for tools and other essentials.

Please note: There will be a risk of splinters as this item is hand constructed from rough cut timber and will have knots and other natural imperfections in keeping with its charming rustic character.


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