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Biodegradable Seed Cells


  1. Seed Cells made from recyclable paper pulp | Plastic free |  100% biodegradable and compostable |  Available in packs of 5 and 10 trays.  Use for seeds, potting on seedlings, cuttings and plug plants
Pack of 5 Pack of 10

Biodegradable seed cells are ideal for use indoors or out to get your plants growing healthy and strong. The roots grow through and the complete individual cell is transplanted into bigger containers or straight into the ground with no disturbance.

Each paper tray contains 10 cells each 4.5cm x 4.5cm square (internal measurement).  The tray measures 25.5 x 10.5cm x 5cm (external measurement)

Natural & Biodegradable.  Made from recycled paper pulp, these are much smarter and a more natural solution than plastic or ceramic seed pots.

Our seeding cells are fully compostable! They naturally break down once planted into the earth leaving no residue or trace of debris.

The biodegradable plant cells are created in a  rectangular design and are the perfect size for individual starter plants.  Suitable for use with small plug plants.

Make filling your cells a breeze with our small size hand tools the perfect size for your propagation needs.  You will wonder how you managed without them!

It’s finally time to create the garden of your dreams, one pot at a time!

Enjoy the Paper Pot Party!

Your eco-friendly way to a perfect garden – No plastic packaging! Starting an indoor or outdoor garden is easy & eco-friendly with e-pots  biodegradable seed cells for healthy, happy & strong plants.

Super easy process – Simply fill the biodegradable seed starter cells with compost, place your seeds into the seedling transplant pot or plants and keep watered. No repotting needed with the minimal root disturbance. Just plant the whole pot into the ground or in a larger pot.

Built for a sustainable lifestyle – No more harming the environment or experiencing bent & rotten roots while using plastic pots. Made from an environmental friendly recycled paper pulp for a sustainable lifestyle. Perfect for Seedlings, Cuttings, Plug Plants and more.

Lovely Gardeners’ gift idea – Know a plant lover or garden hobbyist? Use this pack of seed transplanting / starter pots as your clever gift idea and surprise them with a gift which they are sure to make use of.

OUR COMMITMENT – We strongly believe in the quality of our fibre plant cells. They are backed by our hassle-free money back guarantee. Get your seed starting pots now RISK-FREE

What our customers are saying …


Mr D Belshaw
These pots are brilliant. Get your seeds going and then plant the whole lot into your flower bed

Derek W
Fab A++

Harry H
Not used them yet, too early in the season, but they look and feel good quality

  Mr N
These are great, would recommend

e-pots eco-friendly gardening and gifts

Our products are tested and photographed in the UK suburban Blue Bench Garden.
This means you can be sure of excellent results!



e-pots product range Spring 2021

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Pack Size

Pack of 5, Pack of 10

Available Options

Pack of 5 Trays = 60 Cells£6.99
Pack of 10- Trays = 120 Cells£9.99

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