Coir Starter Pellets 100 x 42mm


100% natural coconut fibre growing media | 100 easy to use compressed soil pellets wrapped in woven fabric

These coir soil pellets are wrapped in woven fabric to keep the growing media contained in its own little pot!
At last we bring to you – Totally natural and fully biodegradable plant starter pellets.  No pastic at all, not even in the wrapping or packaging.    Unlike other brands who use ‘non woven fabric’, the covering of our pellets are made from woven cotton and so are completely COMPOSTABLE meaning that every part will decompose to become part of the soil. No poly fabrics here!

🥥  Larger size coir starter pellets are easier to handle and perfect for bigger seeds and cuttings.

🥥  Super easy to use – just pop plant starter pellets into a watertight container, add water and watch them swell up!

🥥  Really quick – No need to hunt around for pots and compost, these pellets are both!

🥥  Versatile – You can use them for seeds and cuttings, indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, garden & hydroponics

🥥  Lightweight, simple to store, delivered to your door

100 x 42mm Coir starter pellets Power!

100% Compostable as well as biodegradable.  No poly no plastic

The larger size pellets are super easy to use and handle

Place the pellets in a waterproof container

Slowly add some lukewarm water so the pellets grow and puff up

Add your seeds following the instructions given on the seed packet or insert your prepared cuttings or clones.  For big seeds such as peas, put a single seed in each pellet. For smaller seeds such as lobelia then use a small pinch. For cuttings, use a pencil or dibber to make a small hole in the top of the pellet and insert your cutting

Put in a bright warm spot such as a propagator or a windowsill and wait for signs of germination or new growth

Water little and often so they don’t dry out or go soggy

When the seeds produce the first true leaves and you can see roots growing, they are ready to pot on into bigger containers.




e-pots product range July 2020