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Are You a Plastic Free gardener?

Take a look in your garden, how many plastic pots are you using?


These days, we all want to go plastic free wherever we can, Although everything mass produced for gardening comes in plastic! It’s not just pots and seed trays but also tools, trugs, wheelbarrows, bags and labels.

We looked in our own small suburban garden in Manchester and were very shocked at the huge piles of plastic plant pots and seed trays that we had accumulated over the years. We made a pledge right then that we would always try to be plastic free in the garden and around the home.

plastic plant pots and seed trays

The World is obsessed with plastic!

Cheap mass produced plastic is now used more than traditional crafts and values. Every year it is estimated that up to 8 million tons of plastic waste pollute the oceans and 80% of it ends up as marine debris.
Artificially created debris litters our countryside. Even our food sources are becoming contaminated by micro-plastics. We are literally drowning in plastic waste.

We need alternative, eco friendly sustainable solutions. If we are to ease our dependency on fossil fuel derivatives and we all need to do our bit!

plastic debris on a beach

Luckily we are not alone in being anti plastic!
2018 saw the start of a global movement to reduce the amount of single use plastic used around the world with Global corporations removing plastic from their inventories, multi-national companies investing in greener solutions for transport and entire Countries pledging to embrace environmentally friendly solutions to combat global warming.

Monty Don and e-pots founder Rachel Clarke

e-pots environmental aim is to provide gardeners with a wide range of high quality sustainable products andmaterials to help them to reduce plastic use in the garden.
We started with a fun easy to use tool the e-pots Classic Paper Pot Maker for seed propagation, through developing seedlings, cuttings and even plug plants. Plus we have moreexciting and innovative products in development.

Even our packaging is totally plastic free! We hate single use packaging and we provide our products in sturdy boxes made from 100% recycled materials.

e-pots product range
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